21. Juli 2018

Online Card Class * Simply Watercolor

I joined the Online Card Class "simply watercolor" by Kristina Werner. I started following her on YouTube a long time ago and she's one of my favorite cardmakers to watch. She's very good at watercoloring and I only used my watercolors for simple backgrounds... so this summer, I thought I'd give it a try and I'm so happy I did.

This is my first card, inspired by day one's topic.

Day two of the class was about critters. Kristina made it look so easy to draw a simple and fun animal, that I just had to try this. It turned out to be my favorite part of the class. But I must say that day four and five are very close to being no.1 as well. 😊

I did try lettering with brushes for day three but I didn't really like the results. I am my biggest critic, especially when it comes to my handwriting. I feel much more comfortable with pens or brush pens but not with actual brushes. 

I was really looking forward to day four and five. I loved to learn how to draw easy landscapes and a bit of nature. Of course I couldn't craft without a bit of my beloved stamps (although you don't need them for this class) so I'm sneaking in a cute critter by Mama Elephant.

I really enjoyed painting florals. Although some paper ended up in the trash, it was fun to practice something new. I will absolutely use techniques I learned in this class for my future cards.

Check out Kristinas blog here -> K Werner Design
and Online Card Classes here -> OCC

💖 Thank you very much, Kristina, for sharing your work and techniques and being such a wonderful teacher. I had a blast joining your class! I really hope, there will be more classes in the future, even though I know how much work they are. THANK YOU!

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