Schmonday Monday #14 * Mountain Scene

Yay! It's Schmonday Monday again!

Anni, Birka and I had some fun again with our happy little crafty challenge. It was my turn to pick a topic and a recipient. I chose the amazing Chris and got inspired by the place she lives, so this months topic is Mountains and Skies.

Chris is such a sweet crafty lady. I met her through our DT spot at Create A Smile and after just some weeks, she's become such a drear friend. I feel very lucky to have her in my life. She's very kind, funny and super talented. She's my queen of using vellum on cards! Check out her Instagram profile @c.c.ard her creations are just as wonderful as she is. But crafting is not the only thing we share. She's also a mom of two sweet boys (like I am) and it's always calming for me to chat with her about mom stuff.

Now, let's talk about the card I sent her... I'm still completely into watercoloring at the moment and so I did some painting and combined it with stamping. I started by painting the mountains in very light grey and added color to every layer of my background. Then, I loosely painted the grass and some pine trees. 

Because the theme is inspired by Chris view from her craftroom window, I stamped some craft supplies to make it look like they are standing on the window sill.

Now, let's have a look at Annis and Birkas creations! There's a lot of cuteness going on on their cards, so hop over to their blogs to see what they sent to Chris. :-)

Annis Blog: Annikarten 
Birkas Blog: Mit Herz und Schere

Thank you so much for stopping by!
Have a colorful day,

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  1. Oh liebste Nikki - du bist ein Schatz, dass du mich gewählt hast - ich freu mich so mega darüber und dein wunderschönes Kunstwerk und vor allem aber auch die wertschätzenden Worte sind sowas von nett - DANKESCHÖN Nikki - vielen vielen Dank - BIG HUGS


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