I love to play along fun challenges and sometimes I'm the lucky duck that wins one of them 😊

September 19 "God loves You"

Juni 16 "Regenbogen-Vasen" 
November 17 "thanks - shadowbox"

Januar 18 "hugs"

November 17 "cheer"

Oktober 17 be happy

August 17 Awesome Ombre
Oktober 17 knight in shining armor
April 18 cool penguin
November 18 favorite color

September 17 - PS Patrol "hello summer"

Oktober 17 "welcome little one"
August 17 "happy summer"

August 17 "happy birthday raccoon"

August 16 "fresh air"

Mai 17 "beautiful day"
Oktober 16 "world card making day"
März 16 "Stripes"

März 17 "lovely tulips"
Oktober 16 "thank you bubbles"

September 16 "welcome little narwhale"
"1, 2, 3 Geburtstag"

April 16 "Frühlingsglück"
Januar 16 "Lighthouse"

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